Customer Testimonials

Sylvie Paquette, Québec, Canada

I am very proud to have your work in my living room.
Up the Stairs

Ann Braeckman, Gent, Belgium

It is well arrived and I love it! Thank you very much!
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Malvina Marzouk, Genève, Switzerland

Glad you think your "walking upstairs" looks fine in my home. Of course I do too.
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Ann Rachlin, UK

I fell in love with this wall sculpture last year and longed to install it outside my bedroom in my English country cottage in East Sussex.
The charm and originality of Uri’s sculpture really enchants me for it has warmth and wit and humour - all of which I value in my life.
So - thank you, Uri. It gives me great pleasure every day.
We are musicians and the path from your sculpture leads to our Music Room among the roses. When we return to the main house, we face it on the wall and it lights up our lives with its humour and its charm.
Ann Rachlin

Julie & Donald, San Diego USA

The piece is SO BEAUTIFUL! Thank you soooooo much! Julie & Donald
Rain of colors

Susan Mullen, USA

My new beautiful sculpture arrived today and it’s even more perfect and stunning than I remembered it! Thank you also, for packing it so well and sending it so quickly. The autographed book is also a special surprise.

It was a pleasure meeting you at your gallery and makes it even more special to me. Wishing you all the best, Uri.
Human Pyramid

Eitan Schuler, Germany

Uri Dushy's Chasing Time 04 wall sculpture conveys modern dynamism and creativity, which we adore.
We thought that this piece would be a perfect addition to our living space. We live in a 1910 Jugendstil building, yet the modern design of the piece nicely complements the vintage features of our flat.
The purchase was simple and uncomplicated. The piece was posted very well packed, protected in a wooden container. It arrived within a couple of days. The installation was hassle-free, just by drilling two screws on the wall.
Eitan Schuler

Dina Afargan, Eilat Israel

Your amazing creations found their place in our home, Thank you
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Talbi Family, Rehovot, Israel

We finished to Installed the sculpture , Thank you
Bicycle riders

Dale Filhaber, Boca Raton, FL, USA

They look amazing!!
Up the Stairs

Barbara Johnson, USA

I truly adore my sculpture. It has a special place in our living area where it is visible for all to enjoy. Everyone who see it loves it.
Barbara Johnson

Vered Arviv, Israel

This is one of two art pieces created by Uri Dushy and hanged in my home.

The sculptures bring light and happiness into the house and put a smile on my face each time I see them. Uri's ability to create such a reaction makes him virtues and myself a lucky person for getting to know him.
Vered Arviv

Debra S. Weinberg, USA

I was totally inspired as a first time visitor to Uri Dushy's gallery in Tel Aviv and was determined to carry the inspiration with me to the U.S.

Working with Jewish leaders in Baltimore, I use Ury's sculpture of the "Angels going up and down"and the passage from parshe "va yetse" to remind each of us that we are the angels on earth doing God's work.

I added the Hebrew and English translation below and this sculpture and message welcomes visitors going and coming into our office.
Debra S. Weinberg

Yvonne & Peter Maddox , United Kingdom

My husband and I were sitting by the pool on holiday looking for a couple of pieces of sculpture for a newly built garden room. By chance I discovered Uri's website and immediately fell in love with 'Splash'.

On returning home I sent an email to Ron Noiberger and ordered this wall sculpture. It arrived from Tel Aviv to our home in rural England within a week.
Yvonne & Peter Maddox

Yvonne & Peter Maddox , United Kingdom

We were so delighted with it we ordered another two pieces, this time bronze and glass statues, 'Rainy Day' and 'The Reader'.

It was pure serendipity we found Uri's website. Thank you once again.
Yvonne & Peter Maddox

Yvonne & Peter Maddox , United Kingdom

Adored by our relatives, friends and neighbors these pieces are now a part of our lives.
They all have a wonderful sense of motion, within a fixed time and space. Uri's pieces do seem to be alive, different from each angle and perspective.
Yvonne & Peter Maddox

Hadas Geva , Israel

We were following Uri's works for quite a while, hoping that one day we'll have a sculpture of our own. Once we renovated our living room, it was only a matter of choosing the right atmosphere for us (peaceful in the park).
The wall Sculpture fits its new site like a glove and gives the surroundings a life of its own, and a peace of mind to us. Thank you Uri for making our home warm and cozy!
Hadas Geva

Dale Barden, East Sussex, United Kingdom

The sculpture arrived safely on Tuesday and my father was extremely pleased with it. Thank you for also sending the book to us also I shall browse through it over this weekend. Many Thanks, Dale
Dale UK

Lee Bibring, London, United Kingdom

I got this yesterday and put this up tonight. It looks fabulous. Thank you so much! Lee and Robyn
lee UK