Uri Dushy – Urban Art

Over the past decades Uri Dushy has been investigating the origins of art. In his personal, non-compromising way, he insists upon joining and creating within artistic genres unprecedented to him, provocatively challenging, mastering and adopting technical professional production processes.

There is a considerable amount of daring – at times bordering on the naive – in the manner by which Uri Dushy copes with the nearly impossible challenges he undertakes. Perhaps in this course of his lies the key to understanding his success in the field of Israeli public art and the international exhibition establishments frequented by his works over the last decades.

Genuine and profound love of the creation process along with true inspiration from both classic and current artwork characterize Uri Dushy's works.

Uri Dushy appreciates beauty and aesthetics, believing that it is his professional responsibility to contribute to their existence in the world. He creates a dialogue with his audience, while capturing them and enabling them to take part in the creative experience.

Uri Dushy’s sculptures consist of five main series, presented in this site along with his photo collage and paintings works. The first and main series includes the public sculptures permanently positioned across cities and parks in Israel.

Uri Dushy’s work does not confine itself to the limits of his private studio, but rather exits into the public realm – into open sites frequented by bypassers and members of the community who are not necessarily familiar with museums and galleries.

His magnificent public art works are colorful, positive, understandable and intended for the eyes of all people, thus contributing to their positive outlook.
It can be said that the works reflect a positive inspiration sent from the artist to his audience, which returns the positive energy that contributes to the continuity of the artist’s creation.

Projects that included the urban landscape sculptures took place in over a dozen cities across Israel, among which are Ashkelon, Holon, Petach-Tikva, Jerusalem, Rishon Le Zion, Ra'anana and more.


The second series is that of the unique wall sculptures consisting of two- dimensional clusters of figures in animated order that creates an impressive movement.
The animation-like movement, which advances along the sculpture's space, presents a narrative image situated in different urban environments.

The third series includes the small sized interior metal sculptures. Each figure is represented as a two-dimensional silhouette situated in its own sculptural environment, a base of stone or a variety of other materials, upon which it plays out its role in the narrative.

The three dimensional bronze sculptures make up the fourth series. The added dimension enriches the figures with nuances which don’t exist in the two-dimensional works. 
There is an element of freshness in the altered use he makes of the daily and realistic symbols he chooses.

The virtual sculpture project, "Status", presents the fifth series which includes 2 meter high mixed media figures that expose their extreme emotional states while conducting a dialogue with classical sculpting theories.

Uri Dushy’s photo collage works have created a new artistic language. Combining details of various segments of urban reality within the framework of one picture enables to refer to specific places and events with which Dushy becomes acquainted.

Parallel to his Israeli career, Uri Dushy exhibited in one-man exhibitions around the world and participated in numerous group exhibitions and international art projects. 

  Selected Exhibitions:

Uri Dushy Artist's Gallery - 3 Rosslan St. Jaffa


The 7th Gallery, Tel Aviv, Israel
Kohler Gallery, Bad Kissingen, Germany
Industry House, Tel Aviv, Israel
Culture Center, Carmiel, Israel
The Artists Museum, Lodz, Poland
Toyap Gallery, Istanbul, Turkey
Miniartura, Gobio, Italy
Landel Gallery, Gratz, Austria
Halicon Opera, Moscow, Russia
Sillo Gallery, Hod Hashron, Israel
Smelik Stokking Gallery, Hag Holland
Haarets Museum, Tel Aviv, Israel
Museum of Science, Jerusalem, Israel
The Villa, Tel Aviv, Israel
The Knesset, Jerusalem, Israel
Beit Aba Hushi, Haifa, Israel
Galerie yoramgil, Los Angeles, USA
Globes, Rishon Letsion, Israel
The Beck Science Center, Jerusalem, Israel
Reuven House Museum, Tel Aviv, Israel
Givataim Theater, Israel
Science Museum, Haifa, Israel
Europ Art, Paris, France
Tel Aviv Performing Arts Center, Israel
Culture Center, Ganei Tikva, Israel
Oransanz House, New York, USA
Vidoedance Festival, Carmiel, Israel
Ramat Gan Theater, Israel
Kastra Gallery, Haifa, Israel
Markers 2, Kassel, Germany
Signs - Israel Electric Company, Jerusalem Tether, Israel
Art on The Rails, Israel Train stations, Israel
Ten Women One Man, theater Gallery, Ganei Tikva, Israel
Video Dance Festival, Carmiel, Israel
Public Sculptures, Conference center, Tel Aviv, Israel
One Man Show, Jerusalem Theater, Israel
Wondering Library, Meidatech Hulon, Israel
Tara Group, Efrat Gallery, Israel
Spirit materials, City Gallery, Givataim, Israel
Digital Room, Rishon Lezion Theater, Israel
4 Artists, City Gallery, Hulon, Israel
Apex Gallery, Edinburgh, Scotland
Growth, Artura Gallery Jaffa, Israel
Art in The Hall, Petacvh Tikva, Israel
Israel Festival, Art and Industry, Jerusalem, Israel
"Bodies" Cultura, Tel Aviv, Israel
Forever Missed, Givataim Theater, Givataim, Israel
Solo exhibition, Apple Gallery, Paiss Center, Givataim , Israel
Variations, Karov Theater, Tel Aviv, Israel
"Bodies", City Gallery, Mitzpe Ramon, Israel
"Apposition", Machon Amaim Gallery, Givataim, Israel
Dana Gallery, Yad mordechai, Israel
Megurim, Jerusalem, Israel
Faces Magazine, Solo exhibition, Special Edition, Israel
Artside, Petach Tikva, Israel
Girl,Public art Project, Bat Yam, Israel
Divine in Tent, during the Documenta, Kassel, Germany
Art Life during the biennale, Venice, Italy
Yeshiva University Museum, The suitcase man, New York, USA
BoreyArt Gallery, Folded Art , Saint Petersburg , Russia


Public Art Projects:

Jerusalem, Israel
Haifa, Israel
Raanana, Israel
Holon, Israel
Givataim, Israel
Beer Sheba, Israel
Modiin, Israel
Petach Tikva, Israel
Ein Sarid, Israel
Hadera, Israel
Ganei Tikva, Israel
Kochav Yair, Israel
Ashkelon, Israel
Rishon Lezion, Israel


T.D. Soft
Harrison Family
Iscar Teffen
Delek Motors
Electra real estate
Israel Electric Co.
Bank Leumi
“Dr. Fischer”
Ackerstein Industries
Reshet TV
Ramet Constriction Co.
Agilent Technologies
Alon Israel oil Company
Givatiym municipality
Nahariya municipality
Private Collections

Copyright ©  Uri Dushy     

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